What’s your intention for today?

July 25, 2018

Good morning, divine lights. The Yoga Mind tool of the week is Sankalpa, setting an intention.

Sankalpa is Day 1 of the 30-day Yoga Mind program. It’s more effective than a New Year’s Resolution, and you don’t have to wait for January 1 to set one! You don’t have to set just one, either; you can set a long-term Sankalpa for the year, and you can set a Sankalpa every day—every hour, if you want.

I tell you more about Sankalpa on this week’s Yoga Mind Sangha Session on Facebook.

My intention for today: Skies may be grey, but I can be a source of sunlight.

What’s your Sankalpa for today?

Yoga Mind is a 30-day program of spiritual tools to help you become happier, more mindful, and less stressed. Get your copy here. 

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