Suzan Colón is an author, Yoga and meditation instructor, Tarologist, and the creator of medKNITation, a system of meditating using knitting and crochet. Suzan’s writing has been featured in three Oprah Magazine “best of” anthologies. Her books include Cherries in Winter: My Family’s Recipe for Hope in Hard Times , hailed by People Magazine as “Perfectly in sync with today’s tough times,” and Yoga Mind: Journey Beyond the Physical. For a full list, click the Shop page. To join the Yoga Mind program and read Suzan’s essays on life, meditation, and creating a deep (and occasionally irreverent) relationship with the Tarot, subscribe to her newsletter via the button above. SaveSave SaveSave


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NEW: Breathing Through the Holidays, a 4-Week Program.

December 1, 2023

Friends, I know the holidays can be a mixture of joyful and stressful. They can also be peaceful—with the help of Pranayama, Yoga’s breathing practices. On Monday, December 4, I’m launching a new program called Breathing Through the Holidays. Each week in December, I’ll offer you a breathing practice you can do all week, and […]


WOW. And thank you!

March 8, 2023

I’m usually pretty verbose, but today, I have one word: WOW. Last week, I announced my new Substack newsletter. (You can get all the details here.) I hoped some of you lovely readers might join up for personal essays, illustrations, updated Yoga Mind chapters, and all the other things I’ll be doing on that hub. […]


NEW! I’m on Substack.

February 23, 2023

Hi! I have some news: I’ve started a Substack. Right now, you may be thinking, “Great!… Um, what’s a Substack?” Or, if you know what Substack is, you may be wondering about the difference between me blogging here and me blogging there. In brief: Substack is a hub for people to blog, post book excerpts, […]


Thank you.

November 7, 2022

Friends, the third annual #TenForTarot charity tarot reading drive has come to a close. Now I can put down my cards for a moment (whew!) and put my weary-from-shuffling hands together in a gesture of gratitude. Thanks to all those who participated this year, thousands of meals will be given to people fleeing war in […]