Suzan Colón is an author, speaker, former Senior Editor of O, the Oprah Magazine, and meditation and yoga teacher. Her latest book Yoga Mind: Journey Beyond the Physical is a 30-day program for of spiritual tools to develop inner strength, peace, and moments of joy in everyday life. Click here to get your copy of the book. Suzan is the creator of MedKNITation®, a system of meditation using knitting and crochet, and offers guided audio meditations you can download from the Shop page. MedKNITation® has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and other publications, and has been featured at Vogue Knitting Live NY 2020 and Virtual Knitting Live’s monthly events. For more about living well and doing good, subscribe to Suzan’s newsletter. SaveSave SaveSave


Blog Meditations

#TenForTarot: Get a reading and help feed the hungry.

November 23, 2021

This holiday season, a lot of food banks won’t be able to provide meals for everyone who needs them. Donations are way down, need is way up, and that means no Thanksgiving dinner for a lot of folks already going hungry. We can’t let that happen—and it’s not only easy to fix, it’s fun. #TenForTarot […]


Events: my VKL schedule!

November 10, 2021

Join me at Vogue Knitting Live this Thursday, Nov. 11-Sunday, Nov. 14! Here’s my event schedule: Thursday to Sunday, 9:35 am ET: Morning Meditation. We’ll start out with some relaxing breathing exercises and ease into guided meditations and MedKNITation. Friday, Nov. 12, 11 am-12 noon ET: The VKL Marketplace Interview: Let’s Talk Shop! I’ll be […]


A little (forced) minimalism.

October 20, 2021

  Recently, my husband and I woke up to the sound of dripping water—not in our bathroom, but in the bedroom. Water was dripping from the ceiling there, and when I went into another room to get towels from the linen closet, water was streaming from the light fixture. And seeping under the stairs, from […]


What to do with those old jeans.

October 13, 2021

A few weeks ago, my husband Nathan and I were given a great opportunity to declutter: our apartment sprang several new, gushing leaks. (Thankfully, my yarn stash bag, holding all my favorite tools for MedKNITation, was safe!) We’d already been through the forced decluttering of SuperStorm Sandy, when our basement was flooded with eight feet […]