Yoga Mind 2023: Here are the details.

February 23, 2023

I’m beyond happy to announce that the Yoga Mind 2023 program is happening now on Substack, and this version of Yoga Mind may be the best one yet:

  • We’re expanding beyond the 30-day program. Now we’ll have a whole luxurious week (or more) to absorb and practice each Yoga tool.
  • There will be all-new essays, journaling prompts, and out-in-the-world assignments for you to practice these Yoga tools.
  • There will be new tools not previously featured in the book.
  • I’m offering new meditations, including drawing meditations. Don’t worry if you “can’t draw”; you don’t need to be an artist for this. If you’ve ever had trouble meditating, get ready for a relaxed brain.
  • A wonderful new Sangha (community) of people on this path, and some old friends from previous Yoga Mind versions.
  • I’ll be responding to your questions and comments.
  • How about Zoom talks with special guests?

This version of Yoga Mind will take everything good from the book and make it even more relevant to this time we’re in. I hope you’ll join me; just click here to join the Sangha. 

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