Thank you.

November 7, 2022

Friends, the third annual #TenForTarot charity tarot reading drive has come to a close. Now I can put down my cards for a moment (whew!) and put my weary-from-shuffling hands together in a gesture of gratitude.

Thanks to all those who participated this year, thousands of meals will be given to people fleeing war in Ukraine, people in the U.S. who are under-employed or between jobs, and animals who have been rescued and are awaiting their new, safe, loving forever homes. This is no small thing, and I am so grateful to all who took me up on a tarot reading and gave generously to charities in return.

Grateful as I am to you for your kindness and enthusiasm, I end each year of #TenForTarot vowing to do better. I want to get more tarot readers involved so we can raise more money to help others in this fun, yet meaningful way.

I’d like to give a special thanks to World Central Kitchen, one of #TenForTarot’s suggested charities, for thanking us for raising money and “getting the word out.” As though they needed help with that! WCK is one of the most recognized charities in the world for all they do in areas of disaster, meeting people with a hot meal and a smile, often at their own personal risk. They are amazing, as are all the charities #TenForTarot participants have supported.

There will be another new development going forward: Each year, participants have asked me to give readings year-round, not just in October. I’ve resisted partly because I’m usually writing a book (or two; details to come in another post), and partly because I’m not a “professional tarot reader.” Yet #TenForTarot participants have consistently told me that the readings ring true, reflect their thoughts and inner experience, offer validation, and are pretty darn spot-on.

So… I’ll soon be launching regular tarot readings! As my husband says, “If you can do something other people like and benefit from, why not share it?” (He’s very wise.) I’ll be offering single readings, as well as 3-month and 12-month packages so you can discover your desires (they’re sometimes good at hiding), track your progress, and watch your goals become real. Tip: Newsletter subscribers will get a discount on packages, so make sure you’re signed up! Details are coming soon via newsletter and this blog page.

Thank you again, everyone!

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