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“I read a chapter a day like a meditation book… There was a surprising narrative which ran from beginning to end. Engrossing and heartwarming.” —J.M., Amazon reader

“Read this book and feel a lot better about yourself and the world.” —Carolyn, Amazon reader

“Beautifully written and so meaningful to everyday life; it's also amazing that the mindfulness lessons are applied to a true story of an incredibly healing journey. This book is an excellent resource for everyone hungry for more mindfulness, self-care, self-love, gratitude, and overall enjoyment of life.” —Dr. Tara Campbell, Toronto, Canada

In Yoga Mind, Suzan Colón, former Senior Editor of O, the Oprah Magazine and certified yoga teacher, distills yoga’s philosophy into a 30-day spiritual program. The word “yoga” usually conjures up images of athletic poses, but when a friend has an accident that leaves him paralyzed, Suzan learned the true meaning of yoga: union with life as it is, with hope for what we can do, and with our true selves. 

“Perfectly in sync with today’s tough times.” —People Magazine

“Colón’s warm, poignant, honest voice and down-home, mouth-watering recipes make me want to go over to her house for dinner immediately.” —Kate Christensen, author of PEN-Faulkner award-winning The Great Man

“Delicious. Delectable. Truthful, funny and poignant.... A treat to share with those you love.” —Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of Big Stone Gap

"I love this book.... One of the best reads I’ve had all year.” —Julie Morgenstern, bestselling author of Shed Your Stuff Change Your Life

When Suzan Colón was laid off from her dream job, she needed to cut her budget way back, and that meant home cooking. Her mother suggested looking in her Nana’s recipe folder, and Suzan soon realized she had more than just a collection of recipes; she’d found the key to her family’s survival through hard times. Cherries in Winter makes you want to cook and remember your family’s stories, and above all, makes you feel rich no matter what. Includes recipes. 

“From the first page, the story is simply wonderful.” —Amazon

“A tearjerker with a bittersweet ending that will make you smile.” —Goodreads

“Complex, well-written, and moving.” —Goodreads

When a milestone birthday comes and goes without a proposal from her sweet but commitment-shy boyfriend, Katy takes a last-minute work assignment in exotic Costa Rica, hoping the distraction of writing about yoga and surfing in a tropical retreat will help her heal. What she finds is an adventure of the heart, risks, courage, and the willingness to love, lose, and love again.