• Knitting and crochet can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, lower stress and anxiety, and create a calm, peaceful feeling.
  • Knitting with distractions—TV, the phone—reduces those benefits.
  • This simple guided meditation increases the benefits of knitting and crochet.

This relaxing half-hour guided meditation turns knitting and crochet into a wellness practice you can do every day. Whether you knit, crochet, embroider, or quilt, this guided meditation is for you.

Note: If downloading to a phone, you’ll find your audio meditation in your Files. Please download your file at the time of purchase; due to software configurations, audio links expire after 10 days. Questions? Email or go to the Contact page.

What people have said about MedKNITation®:

“I haven’t felt this relaxed in forever.”

“Can I feel this way always? Please?”

“I thought knitting was meditative before. This is amazing.”

Click below to play a sample:

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