Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation

  • Yoga Nidra, or Deep Relaxation, can reduce stress, lead to better sleep, and help manage hypertension and other stress-aggravated illnesses.
  • In most yoga classes, Deep Relaxation is less than five minutes; not enough time to achieve the full benefits. 
  • This relaxing guided meditation gives you a full 15 minute Deep Relaxation session, as well as cool-down exercises to prepare. 

One of the best parts of yoga is Deep Relaxation, a period of conscious, intentional rest that allows the body to heal and the mind to become peaceful. In this half-hour meditation, you’ll be guided through a series of movements to release tension from your body; a full deep relaxation session; and a slow, comfortable rise back to waking. Practiced daily, Deep Relaxation can promote better sleep, improved focus and concentration, and greater calm.

Note: This very relaxing meditation may induce drowsiness. Please do not listen while driving or operating other heavy machinery. If downloading to a phone, you’ll find your audio meditation in your Files. Please download your file at the time of purchase; due to software configurations, audio links expire after 10 days. Questions? Email or go to the Contact page

Reviews from students in Suzan’s yoga and meditation classes:

“Suzan is a serene, light-filled, kind teacher.”

“Her instructions are very clear and easy to follow.”

“I loved the experience! I felt a peaceful, calm, and warm environment throughout the class.” 

“Suzan has a very soothing voice.” 

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