Turn knitting and crochet into a wellness practice with MedKNITation®.

MedKNITation® is meditation with knitting and crochet. Many people find traditional meditation challenging, even frustrating. It’s not easy to sit still and try to clear your mind. For those who experience anxiety, or are dealing with trauma and PTSD, traditional types of meditation can even cause stress.

I’ve practiced yoga and meditation for 30 years, and I’ve been teaching both since 2002. When traditional forms of meditation are challenging, I do active meditation—specifically, meditation using knitting and crochet. It’s so effective, and enjoyable, that I combined my meditation training with knitting and crochet and developed a system called MedKNITation®.

Suzan teaching MedKNITation to over 140 people at Vogue Knitting Live in New York City. Photo: Nathan Tweti

There’s science to prove it. Numerous research studies have been done on the soothing effect of knitting, crochet, and other forms of stitchwork. With calming repetitive motions, a comforting tactile sensation, and something right in your hands as a point of focus, fiber arts induce a meditative feeling that boost the parasympathetic nervous system, your body’s “peace” response. This reduces stress, which lowers blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease and other illnesses associated with stress. Bonus: it brings people joy. 

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All photos: Nathan Tweti.