NEW: Breathing Through the Holidays, a 4-Week Program.

December 1, 2023

Friends, I know the holidays can be a mixture of joyful and stressful. They can also be peaceful—with the help of Pranayama, Yoga’s breathing practices.

On Monday, December 4, I’m launching a new program called Breathing Through the Holidays. Each week in December, I’ll offer you a breathing practice you can do all week, and all throughout this very busy month, and beyond, whenever you need them. This program will include guidance on:

  • Pranayama: Breathing your way to peace with the foundational practice of Yoga.
  • Posture: How you can increase your breathing capacity, and your capacity for serenity, through posture.
  • Pranayama and Mantra: An unbeatable combination for talking and breathing your way into a peaceful state.
  • The Pranayama Reset: A breathing trick that will have you calmer in under 30 seconds.

Some of these practices were featured in my book Yoga Mind, and others are new. For added relaxation over the holidays, I’m also pleased to let you know that my Guided Meditations are back! Click here, get your Deep Relaxation or medKNITation downloadable audio meditations (or get the bundle and save), and start relaxing instantly.

Breathing Through the Holidays starts Monday, December 4 on my newsletter. Click here to subscribe. Programs like these are usually for paid subscribers only, but as my holiday gift to you, Breathing Through the Holidays is free to all. Please feel free to share the newsletters with anyone who needs a deep, relaxing breath. (Note: You must be subscribed to my Substack newsletter to receive these emails.)

Friends, I hope you’ll join me in a peaceful, easeful, and joyful series of deep breaths. Together, we can find our inner peace, and share it with the world.



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