Prana Check: How are you spending your energy?

June 26, 2018
Photo: The amazing Jen Brown, @jbrophoto on Instagram.

Good morning, divine lights. Day 7 of the Yoga Mind program talks about Prana, Yoga’s definition of vital life energy. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how I expend my Prana, and better ways to use it.

Example: I was on Facebook and saw some friends, really good people, having a HUGE argument about a political situation. Others jumped in to voice–shout–their opinions. I was about to throw in my two cents as well, because I felt very passionately about one side of the argument.

Then I asked myself: Is this the way I want to expend my energy? More important, will it help the situation? Sure, I could’ve tried to share a message of peace, but the person’s opinion was firm, and frankly, I was in major disagreement with it.

So instead, I put my energy into another endeavor that would create positive change, for the very same cause the people were arguing about. I accomplished much more in that time, with far less aggravation. I used my energy to help make a real difference.

Today, look at how, where, and why you expend your energy. If you can create positive change by putting your energy into voicing an opinion or sharing information, do it. If we all just shout for the sake of winning an argument, well… That energy could be put elsewhere.

Be aware of your Prana, your vital life force. Use it well, spiritual Jedis, and we might just be able to create peace in this world. For more on Prana/energy and how to get more of it, see p. 135 of Yoga Mind.

Have a beautiful day, divine lights.

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