How to have a good Monday morning.

October 1, 2018

Good morning, divine lights ✨🙏💖 It’s Monday, which means there’s a collective groan going across the land. Monday, the day we go back to work, back to life, back to “reality”—a reality we’re making up.

It’s true that the Monday morning commute can be brutal, and equally true that we could’ve all used another weekend day. And please, let’s not engage in forced gratitude for our own lives by comparing ourselves to others who are less fortunate (you know I’m not a fan of that game).

Instead, let’s realize that Monday has some really bad PR problems. It’s just a day of the week. It’s too bad it has a tough act to follow—glorious Sunday!—but Monday can be any kind of day we want it to be. We get to choose our state of mind. We get to change the channel on our perspective.

Here are the Yoga Mind tools that can help you do that:

Pratipaksha Bhavana: the Yoga tool of switching from negative thoughts to positive ones.

Bhakti: the Yoga of devotion, keeping our thoughts on the reasons we work (love of family, pets, home, visits to Alpaca farms, etc.).

Maitri: kindness for ourselves and others—go big and give a little of your unique kindness to everyone you encounter today. You could change someone’s day with your kindness—what an awesome superpower you’ve got!

Use these tools and Monday could turn out to be a pretty nice day. Have a good one, divine lights. ✨🙏💖

Yoga Mind is a 30-day program of spiritual tools to help you become happier, more mindful, and less stressed. Get your copy here. 

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