Yes, you can have super powers.

March 29, 2018

Good morning, divine lights. Why do we love super heroes? Because they have special powers that help them overcome adversity and accomplish anything. And guess what? So can you.
You can overcome obstacles and do anything you set your mind to when you use the spiritual tools of Yoga:
Ahimsa, to silence the negative Kryptonite thoughts in your mind.
Dharana, for super-concentration.
Sutra 1.14, for persistence.
Titiksha, your hidden strength.
And so many more!
You have access to 30 spiritual superpowers—they’re all in Yoga Mind. Learn to use them and be a real s/hero—one who finds inner peace and spreads it everywhere.
Believe in yourself today. Take the day off from doubt. Whatever you want to accomplish can be done when you say your superhero Mantra: Yeah you can.
Have a beautiful day, divine lights. 🙏💖

There are 30 super powers you can use to make your days better and help others do the same. Discover them in Yoga Mind: Journey Beyond the Physical. 


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