Yoga Mind sample: Spiritual Spring Cleaning.

March 22, 2018

Good morning, divine lights. This is a page from Yoga Mind on Saucha, which translates to “purity” in Yoga principles. But it doesn’t translate to perfectionism. It means letting go of what doesn’t serve you any longer so you can find your true self.

We’ll be doing a spiritual spring cleaning starting next month with #YogaMindOnline. It’s free; all you need is a copy of Yoga Mind to follow along. (Click here to get your copy.)

If you need permission to be you today, then give it to yourself. Let go of perfectionism and be something better: yourself. 

Have a gorgeous day, divine lights.

30 days to your best and truest self; start today. Click here to get your copy of Yoga Mind, available in paperback and audiobook. 


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