MedKNITation in Times Square is on.

November 11, 2019
Believe it or not, we’ll be getting calm right in the middle of all of this. (That’s the power of knitting and crochet!)

Thank you . . . To the 114 people who signed up for my MedKNITation class at Vogue Knitting Live NY 2020! I thought maybe a few people might be interested in learning how to turn knitting and crochet into a meditative wellness practice, but it seems like many do! I am so looking forward to meeting and meditating with you all. 

There are 26 spots left for MedKNITation at VKLNY, one of the biggest yarn events in the country. Please join us for what will be like a spa visit for your brain–and one you’ll learn to do at home, whenever you like. Go to to get your seat. And yes, as always with MedKNITation, there will be cookies… 

For MedKNITation updates, mini-medKNITation videos, and more leading up to MedKNITation VKLNY2020, follow me at @medknitation on Instagram and at @medKNitationpage on Facebook.

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