Looking for a more relaxing way to meditate? Try MedKNITation™.

MedKNITation™ is knitting meditation. Many people find traditional meditation challenging, even frustrating. It’s not easy to sit still and try to clear your mind. For those who experience anxiety, traditional types of meditation can even cause stress.

In 2016, I was experiencing a lot of stress (along with the rest of the country). Traditional forms of meditation just weren’t working for me. From my experiences in teaching yoga and meditation, I knew that gentle activity can be meditative, and something that engages the hands offers a point of focus. Knitting and crochet are great forms of this kind of meditative activity.

There’s science to prove it. Numerous research studies have been done on the soothing, calming effect of knitting, crochet, and other forms of stitchwork. These fiber arts induce a meditative feeling that boosts the parasympathetic nervous system, your body’s “peace” response.

Come experience MedKNITation™ in person. I’m teaching MedKNITation™ sessions live at Knitty City in New York City on the last Thursday of every month; check their calendar for information. I’m also available to give MedKNITation™ sessions in the New York tri-state area. Subscribe to my newsletter for info about upcoming MedKNITation™ live sessions, retreats, videos, kits, and more. To book a MedKNITation™ session, email

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Photos: Nathan Tweti.