New: Meditations on Writing.

June 7, 2019

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend, the kind of friend who knows you well and has lunch with you anyway, and she said, “So where’s this writing group you’ve been talking about?” I had been talking about starting an online writing group, but to tell the truth, I’d chickened out. I feel bad about using that expression; I’ve seen chickens go after large, imposing beetles, and they’re rather feisty. When it came to starting on online writing group, I found myself feist-free. 

But writers need support, and community, and encouragement, and prompts (prompts are so good). They need things that will actually get them writing, and not talking about maybe kinda writing something some day. 

So let’s write.

Meditations On Writing is our online writing group. You’ll get writing prompts, inspiration, and tools that have helped me write eleven-plus books and lots of other things over a lifetime of writing and 35 years of writing professionally.

How do you join the group? I’ve made it extremely simple so your inner critic can’t say it’s too hard and give you another excuse not to write: Subscribe to my newsletter (you’ll find a subscription box right on this page) so I can send you pep talks, prompts, writing exercises, and more. While you’re here, follow me on Instagram and Facebook so you’re in the Meditations on Writing Groups. Poof: You’re in a writing group. It’s magic. 

Meditations on Writing starts the week of June 10, 2019. Meantime, go get a notebook and a pen you like. Already have them? Here’s a prompt: Write about a lunch with a friend. (It doesn’t have to be a lunch with a friend who nudged you to do something you said you’d do but were trying to chicken out on, but bonus points if you have that kind of story.) 


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