Knitting their way to wellness.

April 25, 2019

Knitting and crochet are something I enjoy doing; it’s a great way to relax, and I feel less guilty about watching TV every night if I have something to show for it. But as I stitched, I also felt like different parts of my brain were working in new ways. I wanted to find out more, and my research is proving that knitting does affect the brain—in very positive ways.

I particularly loved this article on a group of Turkish seniors (all men, by the way) who learned to knit to keep their brains active. While there’s no link to research in the article on how knitting might stave off Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, there are studies being done on this.

Meanwhile, we know that keeping the brain active is a factor in overall cognitive health, especially as we age, so the article is not only inspiring, it’s prescriptive.

I already love knitting and I knew it was helping me, but I wanted to know how and why. I’ll share what I find out along the way. I’m excited about this new journey!

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