#MindfulMarch is coming!

February 20, 2019

I have big news to share: I’ve partnered with drawing app Sktchy for a very special event, #MindfulMarch. 

#MindfulMarch is a new way of working the Yoga Mind program. We’ll be exploring the art of mindfulness through the creative meditation of drawing.

Making art is one of my favorite ways to build my mindfulness muscles. It’s great for those days when I have too many thoughts buzzing around in my mind for traditional meditation. 

Sktchy is an app for inspiration and illustration. I’ve been using Sktchy as a meditation tool for years. Now you can too, during #MindfulMarch. Here’s how it works:

#MindfulMarch starts March 1, 2019. It will take place on the Sktchy app, which you can download here.

Create an account. Then click the Superstar tab to learn more. During #MindfulMarch, I’ll be posting daily prompts based on Yoga Mind, along with weekly videos taking a deeper dive into creative meditation and mindfulness.  

You don’t have to be an artist to be part of #MindfulMarch. If you think you can’t draw, or meditate, #MindfulMarch is for you! Sktchy is for anyone who likes to draw or doodle, and there are people of all skill levels in this friendly, supportive community. 

Follow along. If you don’t already have one, get a copy of Yoga Mind here to enhance the daily spirituality and mindfulness tips with a deeper dive. 

Let’s practice the art of mindfulness together. Drawing is one of my favorite mindfulness practices. I think it will become one of yours, too. I’ll share more details in the coming days, divine light. I hope you’ll join me and Sktchy for #MindfulMarch! 

Yoga Mind is a 30-day program of spiritual tools for mindfulness. Click the book cover to get your copy.

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