Yoga Mind-ful Tip: The best gifts for Cyber Monday.

November 26, 2018

Good morning divine light, 

Welcome to your first Yoga Mind-ful Tip! These will be a series of short, sweet posts with simple things that make my life calmer and happier. They’re based on the spiritual tools in Yoga Mind and target areas of life where we could use a little extra spiritual oomph. 

Today is Cyber Monday, when people go online to do their holiday shopping. In other words, we’ll be buying lots of stuff. But aren’t we trying to un-stuff our closets, our homes, our lives? Having things we love and use, rather than just lots of stuff, makes life simpler, calmer, and more enjoyable.

Yoga Mind-ful Tip: 

Instead of stuff, give gifts that will disappear—

but last in memories.

You can give gifts that won’t take up space in someone’s home (and eventually end up in a landfill or the ocean), like these:

* Spa and massage experiences
* Food (made by someone else, or by you!), or a fancy dinner out
* Beautiful scented candles (go for the non-toxic soy-based kind)
* Trips, vacations
* Tickets to a show or some kind of experience, or a bunch of movie tickets
* Classes in something your favorite person wants to learn—cooking, painting, yarn art?
* A subscription to online creativity classes like Bluprint or Sktchy
* Plants! Green growing things are known to boost happiness levels in the brain (especially important in areas where the winter days are grey)
* A journal or sketchbook
* Something you treasure that you know someone else would love, like a family heirloom
* Framed artwork or a family photo

Once you start thinking about it, you’ll come up with lots of ideas. These are the kind of gifts that won’t take up space in someone’s home, but they will fill the gift-getter’s heart—and yours—with the true spirit of giving. 

I hope you enjoyed this first Yoga Mind-ful Tip—there will be more coming soon, as well as a special announcement next Monday, December 3!

As always, have a beautiful day, divine lights,

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