medKNITation: My first shawl.

October 12, 2018

I started knitting as a way to get away from the computer screen and found out it’s a great form of meditation. It’s like a tactile version of Japa meditation, where you repeat a Mantra as something to focus on instead of ping-ponging thoughts. With knitting, you repeat stitches.
This is why I’m not into tricky patterns; when I keep the knitting simple, I don’t have to think too much about what I’m doing, and my mind can go into a lovely, calm state. Knitting is also very helpful for depression and anxiety. And you get soft warm things out of it!
Like this soft warm thing. Divine lights, I just adore this soft and squishy shawl, which can be worn in a variety of ways (or maybe I’m just telling myself that). The Quaker Rib Shawl is perfect medKNITation because it’s a series of stockinette and reverse stockinette ribs, and just a few YOs at the start and end of a few sections–very simple.
The pattern is by KatKnitHandcrafts and it’s available on Ravelry for free. I did Sections 3 and 4 twice to get more wingspan. I tried it on before I wove in the ends and liked the fringe look so much I added more (in enough random places for it to look intentional, rather than like I hadn’t woven in my ends). The yarn I used is discontinued, but any bulky weight will do.
I’m so grateful it’s finally chilly enough here in the NYC area to take this beauty out for the first time! 🍁

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