You need more of the f-word. (The other one.)

January 26, 2018
One of artist Olek’s mind-awakening yarn art creations. Pic: Nathan Tweti

Good morning, beautiful people. Why cover a car in a sweater? For many reasons: because it’s art, because it’s pretty, because it’s irreverent and wakes us up from the daily Matrix mind. And because it’s fun.

I’ve said the F-word before—fun, that is—and I’ll say again that fun isn’t frivolous or a waste of time. Fun is spiritually at play. Dolphins surf for kicks. Chimpanzees, elephants, and cats will paint if given art supplies (and some creative respect). So why do we deny ourselves the chance to play?

Just for clarification: Collapsing in front of the TV after a hard day at work isn’t play. It’s relaxing, maybe, depending on what you’re watching, but it’s not letting your creative mind go wild. Play is what happens when you follow your intuition. Magical things can happen when we do.

Not every part of our lives has to be about work or doing something that has a specific health benefit. Actually, it is good for us to play, make art, have fun; but just do it for the joy of it. It’s part of Maitri, the Yoga tool of kindness.

What fun thing do you want to do on this beautiful day of yours, divine lights? 🙏💖

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