What Yoga is really all about (and why you can do it too).

June 21, 2017
Photo: Jordana Zismor

Good morning, beautiful people, and happy International Day of Yoga. This is me (several hairstyles and colors ago) with Francesco Clark. He’s one of my closest friends. He’s also my greatest Yoga teacher.

I’d just graduated from Yoga teacher training when Fran had an accident that put him in this wheelchair. At the time, he couldn’t move, and I couldn’t see how Yoga could help him.

Then we started practicing Pranayama, Yoga breathing, together. Then we started meditating together. And then Francesco became a living example of what Yoga truly is. 

You see a lot of amazingly athletic people doing fun, crazy poses on social media. That’s fine. But that’s not what Yoga is about.

The Yoga Tools I share with you that make us happier, keep stress in check, and help us see the divine light within ourselves and each other? This guy taught me all of that. (And not by doing crazy poses.)

I tell the story of me teaching Francesco Yoga, and him teaching me true Yoga, in YOGA MIND: Journey Beyond the Physical. In the meantime, remember: Yoga is for everyone, regardless of body type or condition—including you. Sure, with a Yoga body you can do crazy poses, but with a Yoga Mind, you can do anything.

Have a beautiful day, Spiritual Surfers.

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