3 Things you need for the holidays.

December 18, 2017
She’s a spiritual surfer too 😉

Good morning, beautiful people. There are 3 things you need for the holidays (and no, an LOL Surprise doll isn’t one of them). There’s just so much to do right now—the shopping, traveling, cooking, going to parties, etc., etc.—that overwhelm just becomes a regular setting for us.

That doesn’t feel great, and it’s not good for your body or your mind.

At the beginning of each yoga class, we do something called grounding and centering. It’s a time to release any stresses you’ve experienced in getting to the class or during the day, settle down, and come into the present moment: sitting, letting your breath become relaxed, and being here now.

You can do a variation of grounding and centering by asking yourself these 3 things:

1. How do I feel? It’s amazing how we can keep going for hours without asking this question. Let that bad habit go, and get into the good habit of checking in with yourself. How do you feel?

2. What do I need? Based on the answer to the above question, you might need a glass of water, the meal you missed because you were too busy to eat, to pee because you forgot and you’ve been wondering why your leg is jiggling nervously… What do you need?

3. What is my next right action? And based on the answer to the above question, you might need to eat something, take care of a some pressing matter, or get up and pee (for God’s sake, don’t put that off).

Finish your grounding and centering with a few comfortably deep, relaxing breaths. You can do this 3 Things check-in throughout your busy days. They’ll help you get grounded and centered, and you’ll be more effective and calm.

Have a beautiful day, divine lights.  

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