Make meditation easier.

September 6, 2017
Photo: Jen Brown

Good morning, beautiful people. Does meditation feel like yet another thing to be scheduled into your busy day? And even if it does make it onto your to-do list, does it actually get done? If not, fret not: Meditation doesn’t have to be a big deal.

Meditation is a wonderful break for your mind and senses, but people get wrapped up in the idea that it has to be all flowing robes and candles and mala beads and quiet perfection for 20 perfect minutes.

Forget all that. If you have the time for that, great. If not: All you have to do is sit. You can meditate for five minutes. Two minutes. Even one minute of closing your eyes as you sit in your office chair is meditation.

Mind full of thoughts? Think “Calm” as you inhale, and “Relaxed” as you exhale. Do that ten times. Shazam: You’ve meditated.

In fact, stop reading this and do that right now. And then cross that one lovely thing off your to-do list.

Have a beautiful day, Surfers.

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