How to (almost) guarantee you’ll have a great day.

August 31, 2017

Good morning, Spiritual Surfers. What were your first thoughts upon seeing the first light of the morning coming through your window and resting on your wall? Often we time travel into the future, imagining all the things that can happen when we’re on our way to work, at the office, heading home… All before we’ve even gotten out of bed.

Our thoughts can set the tone for our day, and that can change the way everything goes.

Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, don’t time travel. Stay in the moment, cultivating mindfulness by resting your attention on your breathing. Think something good about yourself–something you like about yourself, extending some kindness toward yourself. If you can’t think of something immediately (after all, you haven’t had your coffee yet), think of a song that makes you happy.

Starting your day with a good thought and a smile can change your day, and feeling your happiness can change others’ day as well.

And remember: You can re-start your day any time you want. If you didn’t wake up this way this morning, close your eyes; say something kind to yourself; and smile.

Have a beautiful day, Surfers.


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