Your Yoga, your way.

August 24, 2017
Photo: Jason Moskowitz

Good morning, Spiritual Surfers. Do you get caught up in thoughts about where you “should” be in a Yoga pose? Do you find yourself time-traveling to the past, when you could go lower or further or whatever-er when you were younger, or before you developed a condition that changed your practice?

We all do. And it’s something we should all release.

If you have a body, it’s a good one.

The body changes, just like everything else, so it’s not the greatest yardstick by which to measure our self-worth. I’m older now (see silver hair) and my practice has evolved. It will continue to do so. I witness it, and whenever I time-travel, I bring myself back into the present with gratitude for my body just as it is. As Accessible Yoga ambassadors Jivana Heyman and Dianne Bondy say, “If you have a body, it’s a good one.”

Do YOUR Yoga, YOUR way. Not someone else’s way, not even the way you used to do it. Now is the most beautiful time there is, and you have never been more beautiful, necessary, and alive.

Have a great day, Surfers. 

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