Let’s make #KindHearts for the holidays.

November 30, 2020
Where’s this Kind Heart going? Straight to Soap S.A.C.K.s!

Friends: A few months ago, we made Kind Hearts for Knit the Rainbow’s charity garments. Ready to make some more hearts and spread kindness everywhere? Get your hooks and needles ready!

This time, please join me in making Kind Hearts for Soap S.A.C.K.s, the charity run by Stacy Weiner, who distributes cotton sacks/washcloths filled with bars of soap that go to the homeless, people in shelters, veterans’ clinics, and anyone who needs this basic toiletry. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Stacy could attach Kind Hearts to her Soap Sacks, so the people receiving them this holiday season could feel even more kindness?

How to make Kind Hearts: This is the easiest charity knit/crochet ever. Patterns for crochet or knit Kind Hearts and details about yarn and size are here. The original tiny heart pattern comes from Ahuyama Crochet, aka Crochet Lovers on YouTube. The tiny heart how-to video for crochet is here. I recommend the tiny size for the Soap S.A.C.K.s. (If you want larger ones for yourself, click on her info for small and medium-sized hearts.) I haven’t tried knitting these, but I found a few heart patterns online. For tiny-size knit hearts, there’s a free pattern by Elizabeth Murphy on Ravelry. For small (about palm size) hearts, there’s this video from LoveCrafts. Again, please use the tiny-size pattern for hearts you’re donating; that size works better with the Soap S.A.C.K.s.

Inexpensive yarn is fine to use. When making the hearts, please start with a tail of about 5-6″ and leave another of the same length when finishing, so the hearts can be tied to the Soap S.A.C.K.s.

How many to make: Make 5, 15, 50, or however many hearts you want to donate. (Make some for yourself–they’re wonderful additions to holiday presents!)

What colors of yarn? Here are some ideas for colors:

* Classic red or pink hearts, or red/green or blue/gold for the holidays

* Rainbow hearts: Stacy donates to LGBTQ+ shelters

* Red, white, and blue hearts for veterans

* Any color hearts! These tiny messages of kindness are a great use for yarn leftovers

Where to send finished Kind Hearts: When you’re done, send your Kind Hearts to: S.A.C.K., PO Box 33, Allenhurst, NJ 07711. 

Date to send: If you want your Kind Hearts to go on holiday donations, send them to Stacy by December 14. If you miss that date, don’t worry! Stacy makes donations all the time–Kind Hearts are always welcome.

Please post photos of your beautiful Kind Hearts on Instagram with the hashtag #KindHeartsfortheHolidays. Thank you, kind people! 

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