Time to grow with the flow.

August 3, 2020
Selfie drawn by me.

GROWTH: Friends, for me, and I’m sure for you too, everything has been feeling very tight and restricted for the past few months. During the lockdown, we hibernated for a while for everyone’s safety, as well as our own. This was a time of introspection and taking inventory. For me, this was the tail end of a year-long process of being inward.

There are times in life where you get to engage in a process of self-study, and this year has been one of those times. The purpose was to re-evaluate my Svadharma, my path. I wanted to ask some important questions: Who am I now? What can I become, and what can I do to be of service to others?

Usually, we’re all way too busy for this kind of inward looking and thinking. These past few months of being inside have provided an opportunity to take inventory, to look at changes we want to make and areas of life we want to keep, nurture, and grow.

After being inside–both literally and spiritually–for a while, I’m starting to see how this inward time is transforming into a time of growth, a time for looking ahead, often at what’s right in front of me. In order to see all of that, I’ve had to keep meditating, in all different ways, so I don’t distract myself with busyness. The ways I’ve been meditating are:

  • Walking, and letting my mind roam where it wants to while I walk
  • Knitting and crochet (the Kind Hearts project is back! I’ll share that news soon)
  • Drawing–one of my favorite forms of meditation (I did that selfie, above)
  • And regular meditation, just sitting with my breathing in front of a window, feeling the earth breathing too.

We may feel like we’re stuck, but this can be a time of growth and expansion. What do you want to accomplish in the rest of this year, and beyond? 

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