More calm for less.

May 18, 2020

I just wrapped up a week of teaching MedKNITation (meditation with knitting and crochet) and morning meditations at Virtual Knitting Live, Vogue Knitting Live’s online fiber love-fest. We had a wonderful time meditating together, doing breathing practices, and finding the calm center we need right within ourselves.

So let’s keep those good vibes going. Now through Memorial Day 2020, get 20 percent off either or both of my guided audio meditations, Deep Relaxation and MedKNITation. You can download these audio meditations to your phone or laptop and listen whenever you want. Just visit the Shop page and enter the code VKL2020 in the checkout.

(Note: This offer is only good for audio meditations, from now until midnight May 26, 2020.)

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