Tech glitches and granny squares.

January 27, 2020

Happy Monday, friends! Believe it or not, I’m almost glad it’s Monday—the weekend was more like a whole bunch of Mondays.

Last week I announced that there were new guided audio meditations on the Shop page. This is something I’ve wanted to offer for a long time. It’s one thing to read about Deep Relaxation in Yoga Mind and then try to do it. It’s quite another experience, and a far better, more relaxing one, to be guided through it. I always thought I could be of more service if you could hear the instructions, rather than just reading them.

I think that may have been true, because the response to the guided audio meditations, both Deep Relaxation and MedKNITation, was wonderful. So great, in fact, that it knocked the website a little off its balance. While the Shop is functioning perfectly fine, I haven’t been able to receive emails through this website, or through my usual email address.

This problem will be resolved shortly. In the meantime, if you need to get in touch with me, please message me on either Facebook or Instagram. I will get right back to you.

Nothing gets at me as quickly as tech issues. For someone who people always describe as being so serene, tech glitches turn me into something rabid and mouth-foamy in the blink of an email. That may be because I’m not a tech expert, so there’s nothing I can do about it.

I got two valuable pieces of knowledge from this experience. First: ask for help. I tried to figure things out myself, but when I saw the vast difference between writer/meditation teacher and tech/digital expert, I got someone with much more know-how on the case asap. Second: anger and frustration can be derailed through distraction.

My options were to sit and fret about this email glitch, knowing I could do nothing to fix it or hurry the fixing, or I could do something else. My something else of choice is crocheting granny squares. These classics of the crochet world have a wonderfully soothing repetitive pattern, and they require just a little counting, which also repeats. Between the counting and the repetition, whatever is causing aggravation is forced into the backseat. Granny squares also helped me through a series of anxiety attacks last summer, during a time of illness and loss in my family.

The way you derail aggravation and anxiety may be through crochet, drawing, walking, or some other activity. I’ll go into more of those later this week in the newsletter (make sure you’re signed up!). Until then, thank you for the best distraction: a lovely response to the guided meditations. I really appreciate it!

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