Free PDF: MedKNITation Moves.

January 15, 2020

I’ve written before about how sitting can really aggravate, and even cause, a lot of health problems. Unfortunately, most of my life is spent on my keister; I’m a writer, I draw, and I love to knit. That equals many butt-hours.

Fortunately I’ve also been doing Yoga for decades, so I know enough to get up and move around a little. This downloadable PDF has MedKNITation Moves, a series of Yoga-based movements you can do if you’re sitting a lot, whether because you’re knitting, writing, working, or watching TV. The recommendation is to get up every 20 minutes. Please do; your body will thank you. Click below to download your PDF and save to your phone or print out and have handy in your knitting bag!

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