All I need is…

June 18, 2019

Someone said to me recently, “Family. Food. Books… Lots of books. That’s really all I need to be happy.” I love how simple it all is; no gadgets, no tricky things, not a very conditional list.

What’s all you need to be happy? That’s your Meditations on Writing Scribble five-minute writing prompt today. Your list can be longer. Assume you already have enough money to be comfortable; that will keep your writing exercise from delving into issues with the tax man and other rants that will leave you in a bad mood. Focus on the bliss state: What would complete your statement, “That’s all I really need to be happy”? 

Do your Breathe meditation. Then write for five minutes. Go into delicious detail. Recall times of bliss, plan future bliss states. Forget neatness and punctuation. This is all about Scribbling your way into a lovely meditation.

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