Meditations on Writing begins today.

June 12, 2019

Writing is a way to express yourselfIt’s a way to explore our lives, find our way back to ourselves, and find meaning in the everyday. Writing can help you make sense of the nonsensical, and make fun of what’s too serious. Make up stories, or tell your family’s history. Writing helps us notice the world around us and the world within, and to live more fully. 

I’ve always loved writing, and I’ve written from the time I was little. I’ve been writing professionally for 35 years, and even while writing for magazines and websites, I wrote for the sheer joy of it. I’m grateful to have had 11 books published, and I’m looking forward to writing more.

So many people want to write—but they don’t. They think you have to earn an MFA in writing, or be “naturally talented,” or have a ton of time and money and the perfect space to do it. But there’s really only one thing that keeps people from writing:

You get stuck before you get to the page. 

Stuck with all those false ideas about writing, stuck wondering what to write or how, stuck staring at a blank page. How do you get un-stuck, so you can start writing and being more aware of the vivid beauty of your life? 

Meditations on Writing is writing without getting stuck. (That’s why our mascot is a cactus.) There’s a simple daily practice that helps you get to the page and get writing. You can finally write the project you’ve always wanted to work on, or you can just enjoy the process of two different types of meditation—breathing, and free-consciousness writing.

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