How to make changes (and make ’em last).

December 13, 2018
Small changes can mean big results.

Good morning, divine lights. ✨🙏💖 I used to think that in order for a change to be effective, it had to be big. Not just big, but BIG. All-encompassing, full-time. That approach does make change happen—the one you wanted, and a bunch of changes you don’t want.

Making big, grand, sweeping efforts toward change was effective in the short haul, but it made change feel like a lot of work. Those kind of changes never stuck. 

Yoga taught me to make changes in small, manageable steps. A little here. A little there. Day by day. Example: 11 days ago, I stopped eating refined sugar. One small change, right? BIG—major big—results. (I’ll share the results in January.) The thing is, there’s no work to this change; it was small enough for me to sustain every day. 

If there are changes you want to make in the new year, try the “small bites” approach. There’s a plan for it in Yoga Mind, a 30-day plan of small changes that bring big results. (Not the painful, work-like kind.)

And since changes are easier to make with a friend, we’re doing the 30-day Yoga Mind program in January together, as an online group. All you have to do to join is get a copy of the book, subscribe to my newsletter, and you’re in. 

Let’s try something different this January and make small changes. You’ll see a big difference.

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