I feel you, baby.

March 19, 2018

Good morning, divine lights. We know compassion is one of the most important spiritual goals. Being able to empathize with another, rather than thinking of them as an “other,” connects us all. It can lead to positive change…if we take it a step further.
Karuna is the Yoga Tool of compassion in action. It’s Day 26 of the 30-day Yoga Mind program. Karuna doesn’t stop at empathy, doesn’t merely wish things were different or better. Karuna empathizes and then takes action. Karuna finds a way to make a difference, and it doesn’t matter how small that difference is, or that you’re just one person. Gandhi was one person, and he changed the history of an entire nation, and the world.
Compassion helps you. Karuna helps you and another being, maybe lots of other beings. If you help out a friend or a stranger, sign a petition, make a phone call or a donation—if you take action of any kind that will benefit others—your divine light is brightening the world. And the world most definitely needs your light right now.
Have a beautiful day. 🙏💖

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