Kshama: a super Yoga tool.

January 4, 2018

Good morning, beautiful people. Kshama is like a super Yoga tool: it combines patience, being present in this time (rather than reliving the past or forecasting the future), and forgiveness.

The patience part is more than heaving a sigh on a packed train at rush hour. It’s taking a deep breath when people are doing you, or the world at large, wrong. We do this because in the space of a breath, skillful intuition can cross-check anger and lead us to right action.

The presence part: being in the Now, not bringing up every wrong this person has ever done. Just stay in the Now.

And the third and most loaded part: forgiveness. If the wrong this person has done is forgivable, let it go. If the harm they’ve done you is too great, set yourself free from the harm’s hold on you. It does not define you. How can it? You’re made of the same stuff as stars (Neil DeGrasse Tyson says so.)

Practicing Kshama can take a lifetime. Every time we do, even a snowflake’s worth, we become more of who we truly are.

Have a great (snow)day, beautiful people.

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