An act of kindness (toward yourself).

April 15, 2017
This handsome boy is my kitty buddy Norman. He was abandoned, rescued, adopted and returned a few times for some issues. He’s not angry, he just looks that way. We adopted him on Thanksgiving from Bideawee NYC. He’s been with us for 3 years now, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. My widdle Nom Nom… 

Good morning, beautiful people. My buddy Norman here isn’t really angry; he just looks that way. Right now he’s purring his little head off, practicing his own kind of Maitri, or kindness.

For many of us, our first experience with unconditional love is through animals—the love of a cat or dog or other animal we share our spaces and our lives with. This kind of love can heal us and help us to become better people.

Can we be this kind and loving to ourselves? Can we practice a form of Maitri toward ourselves? Try it. Today, think about yourself the way your animal friend thinks about you, with unconditional love. Watch how the joy that brings you radiates outward in your treatment of others. Think of yourself the way your cat or dog buddy thinks of you, and you can generate peace within yourself, and in your corner of the world.

Shine bright, divine lights.

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