Knitting for those in need.

December 2, 2017
This is the Mountain Cowl from Purl Soho. It’s super-easy to knit; click the pic for pattern and details.

Knitting is one of my favorite new forms of meditation. And now I can start medknitating for a good cause.

Care to Knit is an organization that gets groups together to knit for people in need—beanies for babies, lap blankets and hats for seniors in elder care centers, and others in need of lovingly knitted and crocheted items.

This is a form of Karuna, the Yoga Tool of compassion in action. We can feel bad about the ills of the world, and Karuna teaches us we can do something about them. Each in our own way, we can help. My neighbor has a friend with severe health issues that limit her movements and keep her tethered to a respirator. She’s not sitting around feeling sorry for herself; she’s knitting beanies for premature babies in the NICU where she goes to the hospital for her own care. That’s Karuna.

If you’re handy with the yarn or know someone who is, check out Care to Knit. You’ll get the good meditative vibes, and you’ll be giving one of your amazing knitted creations to someone who really needs it.

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