Maitri Monday: How to deal with your shadow self.

July 31, 2017

Good morning, Spiritual Surfers, and happy Maitri Monday, the day we extend kindness toward ourselves. We do this not to become selfish, but because kindness toward ourselves means we generate more kindness toward others. We take care of ourselves, and then we can take care of business.

Sometimes we think we have a “shadow” side–aspects of ourselves we don’t particularly like. Ways of thinking or habitual responses that cause harm to ourselves, possibly even others. This can include negative thinking, feeling like we’re stuck, becoming closed-minded and calcifying.

We may have this shadow side, but we don’t need to let it drive the car. We don’t need to indulge it. I think of my shadowy aspects as being like a fearful two year-old. It’s just the fearful part of me that reacts without thinking. I am compassionate toward this part of myself.

But I wouldn’t let a toddler drive me around. It’s up to me to use my spiritual tools to make the best decisions, and take the right actions.

You would be compassionate toward a child; why not toward yourself as well? Today, if you encounter your shadow self, send it compassion… And take back the wheel. Have a beautiful day, Surfers.

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