Why you should follow your intuition.

February 6, 2018

Good morning, beautiful people. Following intuition is something we know intellectually is a good thing to do. Practicing it… Well, that’s another story.

Emotionally, we argue with our intuition. “Conventional wisdom” and “common sense” (neither of which are usually wise or sensible) get involved and blur our divine intuitive senses.

And now I’ll introduce you to London Kaye, the lovely person in the pic above. London was a dance major who, conventional wisdom would dictate, would probably have joined a corps de ballet somewhere. But she also has this thing for yarn. And crochet. And making art that makes people smile.

London followed her intuition to start making crocheted street art. It did make people smile, and more and more people and companies asked her to do her yarn art thing. She was spreading joy through this passion she had for crochet.

Now London is a sought-after artist who just got her own line of yarn and crochet hooks with Lion Brand Yarn. (Congratulations, divine light!) I had the joy of meeting London and seeing one of her artworks at Vogue Knitting Live recently. Her art was making a lot of people smile. Mission accomplished, London.

I’m not saying we should follow our intuition because it’ll make us famous and get us sponsorships (though you never know). I’m saying we should do it because it will bring us something far more valuable: happiness. And that happiness is infectious. I go more into how to hear your intuition in Yoga Mind.

What brings you joy, divine lights? What’s your intuition telling you to do? 🙏💖

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