Think your toothbrush got recycled? (It didn’t.)

April 25, 2018

toothbrush isn’t being recycled. Toothbrushes end up in landfills and the oceans, where they’re breaking apart and poisoning the earth with chemicals and killing birds and fish.

I know you’re fighting the good fight by reducing how much plastic you use, divine lights. You don’t want your plastic straws, cups, shaving tools and toothbrushes ending up in landfills and oceans, where they poison our ground and water and kill birds and sea life. But, like me, you’re stumped about what’s available instead. I’ll be doing some research on this and sharing alternatives with you. Starting with this!

Wowe makes bamboo toothbrushes that are biodegradable and even compostable. We’re told to change our toothbrushes every three months to avoid bacteria buildup, and to swap ’em out after an illness. That can end up being a lot of toothbrushes polluting the earth and oceans—but not if they’re bamboo! There are a lot of bamboo toothbrushes available now, some with charcoal (if you’re into that), but these received the highest rating on Amazon. Click here to check them out. 

Now you can be even happier when you brush, knowing that your old toothbrush is choking a sea turtle. Thank you, divine lights, for helping to save the world, one breath, one day, and one toothbrush at a time. 

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