Welcome to another exciting episode of Today.

February 8, 2018
That tiny little white dot up in the corner is the last slice of Moon pie. It’s for you.

Good morning, beautiful people, and welcome to This Brand-Spankin’ New Day. It’s fresh out of the Universe, it’s an exciting all-new episode of your life, it’s… Sorry, what was that?

You’re thinking about the past, or the future?

But what about Today? There’s this whole new day, like, fresh out of the oven, waiting for you!

Oh… You still want to think about what happened yesterday, or years ago, or tomorrow, or years from now? 

Huh. Well, shoot. What does that mean for Today? What about all the stuff you  were going to discover about yourself today, in the Now? What about Svadhyaya, the Yoga tool of self-study—of learning new, surprising, maybe even super-fun things about who you are and what you’re capable of?

Yeah. All of that. The magic stuff that can happen when we realize we’re here, now, in a brand-new shiny episode of Today.

Look, Now is here for you. It’s full of possibilities. Like, you get to call the shots! You get to think whatever you want to think about yourself, see whatever you want to see in yourself, bring whatever you want to bring to this amazing New Day. (It’s still got that New Day smell!)

Thing is, this New Day isn’t going to last forever. It’s good for 24 hours. Then it’s gone. At the end you may be happy it’s over; you might be facing some rough stuff Today. But if you face it, you get to say you faced it like a strong person. And if you’re not facing rough stuff today, check this out: We don’t get this Day back. We might want to make the most of it by being present for it. Who knows what magic we might be able to conjure if we exercise our amazing, powerful, incredible superhero power of being present? 

Let go of yesterday and tomorrow, beautiful people. Bring your divine energy to This Day, this one, right here. Be with your coffee or tea, listen to the people around you, bring your goodness into the world, into This Day. We all need your light.

Enjoy Today, beautiful people.

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