How to travel peacefully during the holidays.

December 22, 2017

Good morning, beautiful people. If you’re traveling today, may you travel peacefully. If you’re time-traveling today, may you return peacefully to this present moment.

The holidays and getting together with family (or not seeing them) can bring up past issues, resentments, pain. Don’t let rumination ruin your trip. You can deal with whatever it is when you arrive, either directly or by forgiving and moving on. There are exercises in working through Tapas, Yoga’s principle of learning from the burn of past harms and resentments, so you can break free of Samskaras (repeating cycles of pain) in my book Yoga Mind: Journey Beyond the Physical.

For now, return to the present moment, where you can find peace. Wherever you’re traveling today, “Be here now,” as Ram Dass said many years ago. His good advice holds true today.

Travel peacefully, spiritual surfers, and happy holidays.

Yoga isn’t just a form of physical fitness; it’s a path to spiritual fitness, happiness, balance, and more. Get your copy of YOGA MIND here. 


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