Maitri meditation Monday.

April 17, 2017

Good morning, beautiful people. This is Maitri (Kindness) Meditation Monday—at the beginning of each week, my meditation focus is sending peace and wellbeing to anyone who needs it. It’s an amazing practice that can create intense and beautiful changes.

There have been many studies done and personal anecdotes shared about the power of being of service to others, and of prayer on people in hospitals. The best evidence showing the benefits of Maitri meditation is your own study: Try it.

I can say from my own experience and that of others in the Spiritual Surfer Sangha that sending good vibes to others has an uplifting effect. It boosts your mood. It makes you feel lighter. You feel happier because you’ve done something good for someone.

The practice is simple. If there is someone in your life who could use extra peace and wellbeing today, focus on that person during your meditation. Begin with Deergha Swasaam practice so you’re calm and serene. Then, bring to mind that person or pet or area (the Earth needs good vibes too), and imagine them happy, healthy, and at peace.

You don’t have to be specific in your Maitri meditation. Sometimes I’ll send Maitri to, say, all the people facing surgery today. Anyone receiving chemo or radiation for cancer. All the animals in shelters waiting for good homes. You don’t have to envision individuals for your meditation to work. Simply send out your good intentions for peace and wellbeing.

If you like, you can imagine your kindness and intentions for peace wafting outward like the jasmine incense in this video.

Join me today at 12 noon ET for a 5-minute Maitri Meditation. If you can’t make it at 12 noon, send your Maitri any time you can. And if you need some Maitri today, leave a comment below. Have a beautiful day, divine lights.


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