December is Cookie Month!

December 1, 2009
Books and cookies: two of my favorite things.

My friends Jillian and Todd came up with this great idea: a cookie swap party. They invited guests to make their favorite cookies and print the recipes out, and each person brought both sweets and instructions to the party. Everybody got to sample each other’s cookies and take home recipes and samples of their favorites.

In October, Todd and Jillian threw a cookie swap to celebrate the release of Cherries in Winter. Todd brought little Chinese food containers so people could take samples home as gifts–or to continue gorging on them, as I did.

I thought this was a great idea for a holiday party, especially when everybody’s watching their expenses. Instead of bringing presents, each person can exchange cookies. Cheap! Fun! A little caloric, but didn’t we banish the scale for the holiday season?

This month, I’ll be running all the recipes I got from the Cherries in Winter cookie swap. That way you can bake gifts for people, take them to holiday parties and the office, or just have a new cookie recipe in your folder. If you hold your own cookie swap party, write and send photos and I’ll post them here! Recipes start tomorrow and will continue throughout the month of December. Happy baking, everyone!


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