Cookie Month Recipe #11: Last-Minute Brownies

December 24, 2009

Cherries in Winter Cookie Month concludes with…brownies? Hey, how did these hybrids of cookies and cake get in here? Well, because if you’re reading this now, you’re looking for something very fast and easy to take to that holiday party you forgot you RSVPed yes for. Now is not the time to get inventive, or to pretend we’re doing a Quickfire Challenge on Top Chef (that always gets me moving fast). No, now is the time to cheat–like my friend Todd did the night before the Cherries in Winter Cookie Swap.

Brownies a la Losapio

1. Go to supermarket and buy Ghirardelli Brownie Mix.
2. Ask beloved life partner to please make brownies for party (smile and look beautiful as you do this).
3. Help mix and bake at 325 degrees for 50 minutes.
4. Remove brownies from pan with great difficulty because you forgot to grease the pan.
5. Pour glass of milk (or wine, depending on stress level) for you and your chef-honey and serve.

These are really quite delicious, and the uneven edges from the non-greased pan removal make them look homemade. If you need a last-minute food gift and you’re not Ina Garten, this would make a wonderful gift…for you.

My pink-obsessed Nana would have loved this tree.
Happy holidays!


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