Why you should consider going gluten free.

December 7, 2017

Good morning, beautiful people. This used to be the breakfast I looked forward to—a warm, sweet muffin (bran or carrot, of course, so I could tell myself it was healthy). I loved all baked goods, early and often.

Then one day I was eating some bread and immediately felt pain in my abdomen. I thought it was just indigestion, but the pain became so severe I went to the ER. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong.

The pain continued for a week, and only later did I realize it came every time I ate bread, pasta, or other gluten-y thing. I was tested for celiac and came up negative, but the doctor told me about gluten sensitivity—a wide range of symptoms that mean the body is trying to tell you to skip the gluten.

I tried it. The pain went away immediately. That was almost three years ago. Since then the only time I have a problem is when I get accidentally glutened. (Gluten lurks in all kinds of things you wouldn’t expect.) 

If you have any kind of belly upset after eating (pain, indigestion, bloating—all the fun stuff), or you have an existing condition like IBS or Crohn’s Disease, try skipping gluten for a week. That’s wheat, barley, rye, and some oats. See how you feel. 

If you suspect you have gluten sensitivity, this book really helped me.

The only test for gluten sensitivity is one that Yoga teaches us: Listen to your body. It’s telling you the truth.

Have a beautiful day, divine lights. 🙏🏼

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