The seemingly harmless habit you really have to release.

February 7, 2018

Good morning, beautiful people. Comparisons are one of life’s occupational hazards. Even as we scroll happily through our social media feeds, we’re bound to see someone who (allegedly) has something we want. Their lives look amazing, they’re thinner or more athletic, they can do crazy Yoga poses, or they just seem to have it goin’ on, in a way we (allegedly) don’t.

There’s a saying: “Compare, and despair.” Comparison is a no-win game that will always leave us feeling decidedly un-great. And it’s one of the things we’ll be working on tossing out during the spiritual spring cleaning of #YogaMindOnline. (It’s free! Just get the Yoga Mind book to follow along; link in bio.)

The fact is, we don’t live other people’s lives—and they don’t live ours. We live our own lives, and what’s good for someone else may not be good for you. The way of eating that works for my friend may be a disaster for me. The person I see on Instagram doing that amazing Yoga pose is also—hello!—a completely different person, with a different body than mine.

Apply this to anything. We don’t really want to live other people’s lives; we want to live the best versions of our own lives. 

Our Yoga tool for this de-cluttering of mind games is Saucha, or purity. It’s usually applied to our surroundings, and we’ll talk about that too. In Yoga Mind, I write about how Saucha helped me get rid of old stories I was telling myself that held me back and made me miserable.

Today, notice where you compare yourself to others, and how it makes you feel. Think about making comparison do a headstand—turn it upside down into inspiration. And get ready to de-clutter the mind so you can find your own true, beautiful self.

Have a great day, divine lights.

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