Join me for MedKNITation™ at Virtual Knitting Live!

April 22, 2020

MedKNITation™ will be at Virtual Knitting Live, Vogue Knitting Live’s online event!

We’re going through a really stressful time right now. Lowering stress and anxiety are key to being able to respond, rather than react, to the challenges we’re facing now. But your mind might be saying, “Uh, I can’t really sit still and be quiet right now!” Understandable. It’s like that for me too.

Knitting and crochet are an excellent way to reduce stress and kindle a nice, cozy sense of calm, and MedKNITation™ is meditation with knitting and crochet. I’m thrilled and honored to announce that Vogue Knitting Live has asked me to teach MedKNITation™ at Virtual Knitting Live, their online gathering of great knitting and crochet teachers from around the world. For a preview of the MedKNITation™ practice, check out the downloadable audio MedKNITation™ on my Shop page. Then, join me and Lisa Barnes of LMB Designs for MedKNITation™ lectures, knitting and crochet, and daily meditations! It will make your mind say “Ahhh.” (Note: Your mind may also say, “Can I have more chocolate, too?” Or maybe that’s just me… 馃檪 )

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