Why you need a Sangha.

February 13, 2018


Good morning, beautiful people. In Yoga, a Sangha is a group of like-minded people who get together for spiritual things, like meditating or celebrating a holiday. That can include support groups, Artists’ Way writing groups, 12-step recovery groups, knitting circles, and people who get together to talk about creativity.

A Sangha can keep you going on your path. You can learn from the others in your group, and they can learn from you. It’s easy to drop something when it gets difficult or time goes on and your enthusiasm just flags. If you have other people who are also in it with you, though, you’re more likely to stay and see it through. (And it’s also more fun.)

These phenomenal women are definitely part of my Sangha now. I got together with Courtney Jordan and Samantha Sanders from Artist Network’s “Art Openings” podcast yesterday to talk about how the spiritual tools in Yoga Mind can keep your creative mojo flowing. I wasn’t sure what I’d say, but when like minds get together, magic can happen. (I’ll let you know when the podcast is live in a future post.)

Sanghas make you feel supported and help your inner light shine brighter. Join the Spiritual Surfer Sangha on Facebook, where we’ll be doing the #YogaMindOnline program together in April.

Have a beautiful day, divine lights.

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